our mission

To be one of Nigeria’s most trusted and technologically advanced names in real estate.

Minka Estates applies technological innovations to housing in order to deliver sophisticated modern homes to dynamic individuals and families. Our dream is not just to provide housing, but to provide the kind that matches the fast pace lifestyle and needs of the 21st century.

Modern Design

We ensure that there are no boundaries to our creativity in order to produce original and visionary housing that resonates with today’s best urban designs, forms and function.

Distinctive Quality

We aim to surpass global standards in all our endeavours; focusing on quality from conception to completion, in order to guarantee that our products are comparable to the best in any part of the world.

Innovative Technology

We develop and install state-of-the-art home automated systems to achieve the highest level of comfort and security - available in all Minka properties and for other properties too.

why choose us

Making living spaces

Professional Services

All our dealings with clients and other stakeholders are honest, respectful and diligently carried out.


Minka Estates is a reliable company, delivering on their promises and committed to maintaining high performance through all endeavours.

Affordability and Flexibility

Our homes offer the best convenience at reasonable prices with flexible payment options that remove financial barriers to home ownership.

Social Community

With a modest number of households, our estates provide outstanding opportunities for the formation of strongly-bonded social groups.


Our homes are located in places that promise tranquility and calmness – away from intense urban hustle, but close to primary urban services and facilities.


Minka Estates is at dawn and we have a long promising journey ahead. Joining us at this early stage gives you a first-class seat to experience all of what is to come.

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